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     Blast Programs, Incorporated was founded by two alumni of Archbishop Molloy High School in 2007, under the original name of C^2 Programs, Inc., taken from the first letters of the two founders' last names. We spent about a year developing calculator software, most of which was highly impractical (screen-savers, for example, as well as simple drawings/graphs). We went online about a year later, in 2008. Since then, we have expanded our membership and come to provide useful programs. Also in the years since, we have broadened our programming ability (well, for some members) beyond TI-BASIC with several brief adventures in assembly and lower-level languages.

     We at Blast have learned, the hard way, the importance of having good math and science programs for tests, and games for that endless, boring class (for example, Calculus for Dummies: Part 1). We also know the importance of having them actually work, especially during tests, when there is little time for troubleshooting. In my travels, I have encountered many calculator programs that don't work, either because they are poorly coded or require other elements to work, which may be deleted in a memory clear. We provide a guarantee that our software will not encounter this problem. However, because of the limitations imposed on our programming capabilities by the language we use, sometimes it is necessary that programs use subroutines or other elements. In this case, we will make every effort to ensure that all needed elements are easy to replace, without needing to hook up to the computer again and waste your precious time (as the user).

     This brings us to this site's contents. There are four software pages on this site. The first two are obvious: Math and Science and Games. The next, Miscellaneous has any completed programs that do not fall into those categories. On this page, we will also post links to popular outside sources and information about hiding programs from teachers (always a plus), password protection, and more. The fourth provides incomplete and often unstable Alpha/Beta software. The contents of these program pages are accessible only to site members. Membership is completely free with no strings attached. Everything else on this site ¡ª the forums, tutorials, and more ¡ª are open to all site visitors.

    As new programs are developed, constructed, tested, and finalized, they will be posted here. Check back for news and updates.


gCn, Direct USB released

After much anticipation, limited internet capabilities are now available on your TI-calculator, thanks to Kerm Martian, shaun, Jonimus, elfprince, and BrandonW. The only hardware required is your calculator, a USB cable, and your internet-capable computer. This project allows your calculator to chat via IRC (the older version of IM) and to play some CALCnet games with other calculators on the network. Visit the project page at Cemetech: link

Legend of Zelda, "Ganon's Rage"

Coming soon to Blast Programs, by ACagliano, is this organization's first ever attempt at an RPG. This will play in the style of the Game Boy Advance Zelda game, A Link to the Past. In this version, there will be basic magic abilities, fully functional AI, and two swords (the regular sword and the Master sword). There will be a few items, namely the hookshot, longshot, fire tunic, and zora flippers, but I may add more in a later version. There will be a main world map, as well as six dungeons, complete with keys and locked doors, and a boss fight

Current Progress: Map Coding

Estimated Release Date: Soon, I hope