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Legend of Zelda, "Ganon's Rage"

Progress Report

-main world map just completed

-main world map coded

-3 mini-quest maps just completed

-3 mini-quest maps coded

-dungeon maps under development

-walking engine under development

-save file structure established

Game Features

-8 pieces of heart (2 pieces equals a +1 to max health)
-side-quests give you optional items (needed items: two shields, standard sword, master sword, hookshot, longshot, and fairy bottles. Items you may collect but don't need to: zora flippers, fire tunic.)
-buildings may be entered
-checksum-based "smart save" feature causes the maps to be resaved only if they have changed


Beta Release Date: unknown
Official Release Date: unknown

Follow this link to discuss: Forums

Game Overview

Legend of Zelda, "Ganon's Rage" will follow the classic Legend of Zelda storyline. Zelda becomes the harbinger of the evil brought upon Hyrule by Ganon. You play as Link, attempting to stop Ganon from using the triforce to gain absolute power. As you begin the game, Ganon has already turned Hyrule into a land of monsters and evil forces, with strongholds in the five temples of Hyrule. As you travel through Hyrule, you meet the few individuals who Ganon has not turned or killed. They guide you on your route to purge the land of Ganon's evil power. As you are doing this, Ganon is attempting to overthrow the Sacred Realm. He has even locked off the Temple of Time with powerful magic and placed a barrier of evil power blocking the route to the Sacred Realm. Every time you defeat the boss of a temple, your power grows. Once you have finally cleared all temples and their full power is available to you, you will have the power necessary to open the door to the Temple of Time. But there is still that final evil spell blocking your path to the Sacred Realm. Collect the Master Sword from the vestibule, and it will make quick work of that spell. Step on the portal to be warped to Ganon's lair.

Upon arriving in Ganon's lair, you will find that there are a lot more enemies here, and that they take damage a lot less, while you take damage more easily. This is because there is so much evil in the air around you. If you are killed here, you start at the entrance to this final stage. Once you finally reach Ganon, you do battle with him. Defeating him curbs his power enough that Link can use the power of Hyrule's temples to bind Ganon and his magic in the Sacred Realm, creating the Dark World. You can claim victory here, or, if you really want, you can return to the Sage's house at the beginning of the map and he will name you "Hero of Time".


Below, I will post screenshots, when able:

1. The Splash Screen

Stand-Alone Betas

Here, I will release playable demos of my progress:

gCn, Direct USB released

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Legend of Zelda, "Ganon's Rage"

Coming soon to Blast Programs, by ACagliano, is this organization's first ever attempt at an RPG. This will play in the style of the Game Boy Advance Zelda game, A Link to the Past. In this version, there will be basic magic abilities, fully functional AI, and two swords (the regular sword and the Master sword). There will be a few items, namely the hookshot, longshot, fire tunic, and zora flippers, but I may add more in a later version. There will be a main world map, as well as six dungeons, complete with keys and locked doors, and a boss fight

Current Progress: Map Coding

Estimated Release Date: Soon, I hope