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                                           Project Submissions

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     On the sub-pages here, you can submit programs and news articles to the Blast Programs site owner, where they will be published on the correct pages, pending a review. Just a note, though: Because this site is created on a basic web server, I can only receive twenty-five (25) completed forms per month. If you are uploading a program, click on the "Submit a Program" link from the drop-down menu on the navigation bar, or select the link to the page below. If you are submitting a news article, select the "Submit a News Feed" link from the drop-down, or click the link below.

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Submitting a Program


1. Please fill out the form, filling in all required fields.

2. Please ensure that you have uploaded your project to a file hosting location, either here on Webs if you are a site admin, or to your own if not. Please have it as a compressed file. And, please include some sort of a readme file with the program.

3. Click on submit.


Submitting a News Article


1. Fill out your author name, user name, article title, and then type your article, then click on Publish.